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  • Purnima Thakre

Empowered Women: A Unique Mentorship Program That Pays Forward, Explained by Dr. Bhakti More

Are you an accomplished woman who wants to help other women achieve success? But don’t know where to start or don’t have enough time to do it?

Most universities have mentorship programs and your alma matter might be the one where you start looking. If that’s not possible, may be you want to consider mature and successful programs at other universities like Manipal Beyond Gender.

As an educator and a driving force behind this program, Dr. More has been instrumental in inspiring and mentoring hundreds of young women and men. She has helped them get jobs, guided them through personal and career hurdles, and most importantly prepared them to become leaders in their field.

Watch Episode 9 of Empowered Women Series and learn from Dr. More’s experiences on how you can create inspiring mentor and mentee relationships.

If you were to design a dream mentorship program what will it have? Share with us!

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