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We enable marketing and product organizations to understand the magic inside their customers' heads and peek into their deepest desires. With powerful qualitative and quantitative processes and human-centered design, we align entire organizations around their customers’ needs. 

This results in a customer-centric strategy that sustains competitive advantage, builds irresistible campaigns, and crafts products that solve problems customers face in their daily lives. We help organizations reach fresh audiences without alienating existing customers. 

We accelerate the learning and growth in our clients’ culture. This lets them attract and retain top talent. We dig deep and make our clients more effective and more joyous.

Co-lead by Zach Braiker, an innovative strategist and strategic marketer, and Purnima Thakre, a design thinking and customer insight expert. 


We have a team of trusted management consultants and Gen Z analysts who work closely with us to solve problems and create opportunities.  


We’re 17+ years old. Born and raised in Boston. We work in the USA and across the globe: Brazil, India, Israel, Jordan, UK, and UAE.

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