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We help our clients create cultures of belonging, enrich their team’s communication and innovation capabilities, and guide them on the best approaches to strategic planning. Our work enlivens the workplace, and it lights up employees and teams with curiosity. We do more than train people; we help turn work into community. We’ve successfully implemented this with boards of directors, diversity and inclusion initiatives, leadership and marketing teams across the globe.

Ask Better Questions    

Curiosity & Questions as Your Competitive Edge 

The fastest way to transform your organization is to improve the questions you ask and the value you place on asking them. Our workshop will help leaders: 

  • Save time & money by solving the right problems

  • Improve retention by creating a culture of inquiry and belonging 

  • Make customers happier by understanding their wishes and needs 

  • Support innovation by surfacing fresh insights

  • Build confidence in teams and leaders to question assumptions 

We accomplish these goals by understanding what truly makes a question effective, and what stands in the way of attendees asking more of them. 

Creating the Future We Imagine 

Reverse Engineering Growth Strategy 

This is a series of workshops that help organizations plan for their future by thinking beyond the immediate forces impacting their company.

Through an interactive process, we include your team members’ perspectives  into the strategic planning process. As a result, we will uncover immediate opportunities for growth and alignment. We will refresh vision, mission, and purpose statements and transform them from one dimensional concepts to a rallying call that creates clarity. 

Strategy Planning Essential 

A Proven Framework for Clarity and Results 

Simplify the strategic planning with a proven framework: Goal, Objective, Strategy, and Tactic. We will guide your team through each step of the process. We will use the results to create a roadmap that transforms big ideas into meaningful and measurable actions. 


Our approach develops strategy and builds buy-in from your team at the same time. Whether you are a high growth enterprise, startup, or nonprofit, our process is designed to cut through clutter and lead to alignment. This process results in building a clear plan for action and growth. 

Better teams with design thinking 

Empathy and Creativity Can Be Learned

There are more demands on high performing teams than ever before. From balancing hybrid and remote work to managing complex projects and changing global trends, effective teams require more than subject matter skills alone. They need trust, exceptional communication, and empathy. These transformative skills build efficiency, create cultures that attract talent, and lead to profitable breakthrough solutions.  

​In this workshop, your team will gain collaborative leadership skills that will: 

  • Improve efficiency 

  • Increase trust and belonging 

  • Lead to new and actionable insights 

BUilding Innovation Mindset

Turn Challenges Into Opportunities

If you don’t innovate, you stagnate, and only an innovation mindset can save you from that stagnation. Innovation mindset is your team’s ability to embrace change, seek new connections, and create fresh solutions when they face most challenging situations and conditions.  

In this workshop we learn how to use Design Thinking to cultivate an innovation mindset, equipping your team with all the tools they need to not only to survive, but thrive in today’s unpredictable and highly competitive world. 

Leverage Your Customer 

Turn Intangible Customer Insights into Tangible Actions 

The key to growing your business doesn’t reside in a great product, a great team, or even a great campaign: “In recent years, the center of gravity in business has shifted from inside the organization out to the customer,” according to Harvard Business Review. Has your business shifted its priorities to understand customers at a deeper level? Is your team equipped to dive deep into customer analysis?


Customers are people and as you know people are complex and in many cases, vague. This ambiguity related to customer challenges makes them hard to solve. In this Elective, using various creative problem solving methods we will solve seemingly unsolvable ambiguous problems related to customers.


We will learn how to use easy and fun methods to solve customer related problems and turn intangible insights into tangible actions. Learn to ask the right questions, find the right answers, and leverage your customer to level up your business.

Lead With Empathy

And Improve Inclusivity, Innovation and Retention in Diverse Teams

At the core of a strong team is a strong leader, and the strongest leaders are collaborative. In this workshop, we use proven tools to break through silos and guide cross-functional and cross-cultural teams through ambiguity, ideation, and execution.


With an approach centered around empathy, you’ll learn actionable skills to inspire, motivate, and unite your team around a common goal. Whether you’re tackling complex strategies or coming up with new ideas, we help you bring diverse teams to life through cross-hierarchical participation and collaborative decision making.

Customized Workshop

A Workshop Designed Just for Your Team 

No two businesses, teams, or workplaces are the same. That's why we customize all our workshops. However if you'd like even more personalized training experience based on your team's current needs, please get in touch.


We are happy to collaborate and create something that perfectly aligns with your most important and urgent goals. 

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