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Customer Research - Do It Right. Please and Thank You.

Bad outputs stem from poor inputs. If your customer insights are inadequate, it will result in flawed product, branding, marketing, messaging, advertising, business strategy and even business model. To avoid failure, it's crucial to conduct customer research effectively and accurately.

Here are 5 common mistakes and ways to avoid them:
  1. Underestimating the significance of customer research. Customer research influences all aspects of a business, from business strategy to PR strategy and advertising. Understanding your customers is key to ensuring that the outputs produced are based on sound information.

  2. Doing customer research in-house. Self-conducted research is prone to confirmation bias and can lead to inaccurate results. It requires expertise and experience to conduct effective research, so it's best to partner with professionals.

  3. Misunderstanding empathy and not being objective. True empathy is hard. You’re never truly going to know what a person is thinking because you are not them. Instead, be objective. To come up with a solution that truly works for your customer and not one you think will work for your customer, listen more, be curious, and have humility.

  4. Poor question design. Avoid asking about customers' future intentions, as people are bad predictors, also no one knows the future. Instead, ask experiential questions about their past or present experiences to gain a better understanding of how your product fits into their lives.

  5. Relying on only one research method. To obtain reliable insights, it's crucial to implement at least 3 research methods such as interviews, surveys and an additional method of choice like co-creation or A/B testing. This helps build a solid hypothesis and validate results.

Listen to the recorded Livecast to know about other mistakes and how to avoid them -

Are you ready to save your $$ by conducting Customer Research in a right way? Get in touch to secure your business success by comprehending and thereby retaining your customers.

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