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  • Purnima Thakre

Empowered Women: Path to a Fulfilling Career with Jody Seay

Have you ever been told “You can’t be ____, because you’re a girl”?

Women often feel confined to only picking certain jobs or positions, and then are told to stick with what they do.

However, women should be encouraged to break those barriers and explore new career paths. The journey to your fulfillment could lie in an endeavor that you have yet to discover.

Just look at Jody Seay– a Texas Radio Hall of Fame winner, radio host, author, and professional rolfer– a successful woman who has earned a remarkable range of accomplishments throughout her diverse work experiences. Listen to Jody discuss her life and how she has continuously pursued opportunities for discovering new passions in this conversation.

Women never have to be just one thing. What is another interest you have that you would like to be able to explore further?

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