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Virtual Curiouser & Curiouser: Insights from Our April 2020 Innovation Showcase

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Our team at refine+focus is here for you. During the quarantine, expect content, community, caring and collaboration from us every day. We recently held our signature event, Curiouser & Curiouser. Read all about it and the fascinating selections from our team below.

We’ve curated a *must-attend* list of real-time events for you. Here you’ll find our favorite selection of virtual events and resources for the head & heart.

The Event – Curiouser & Curiouser 

It happened — our second virtual Curiouser & Curiouser. We came together last week to share in each other’s strength and positive energy. We have always stood for building relationships and sharing innovative ideas, and last week’s virtual dose was exactly what we needed to reignite our positivity.

The Highlights

Purnima Thakre led us in a square-breathing exercise to focus the mind.

Greg Harris shared his son Elliot’s exciting work in making Native American art and culture accessible to young people. Elliot is applying his programming skills to animate Native American art and create a video game based on the Native American folktale When Coyote Stole Fire.

Raghu Appasani offered a line from the Upanishads that has helped him focus on silver linings.

“As consciousness bears witness to itself, or as separateness bears out separateness, so is illusion sufficient, of itself, to bear out itself and everything it contains. This indeed is Illusion, capable of bringing about things and events beyond conception — it deludes all in the whirl of its illusive action.”

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Katherine Cruz described her pride in how El Salvador has managed the coronavirus crisis and maintained their fighting spirit during these difficult times.

Catherine Cheng expressed her excitement about the ways that the education space has been innovating during the transition to learning from home. She highlighted, a new resource for students, parents, and eductors that curates curriculum content.

David Tames shared his latest thinking about how in the era-of zoom, the computer has become both a medium and a means of expression.

Image from our Zoom discussion

Eduardo Pujol recommended an inspiring article packed with good news about how marketers and companies are providing resources to those in need during this time.

Carolina Fowler shared her musings on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and how we need to prioritize instilling self-actualization in children.

Hadi Medeiros described how he has taken comfort in reviewing early 20th century footage of urban areas and reflecting on how life has changed since then.

“1911 – A Trip Through New York City” via YouTube

Andrew Slack pitched his new idea for a project which would respond to the cancellation of commencements across the country by offering seniors to write and record their own commencement speeches and compiling them to celebrate a collective vision for the future.

Ole Bondevik made us all smile by sharing his carefully curated collection of favorite gifs and memes, which also works as a way to navigate the news nowadays.

Reach out to Ole in case you need meme recommendations

Rafaela Kunzler offered takeaways from her latest read, The Power of the Habits, and shared how she has incorporated its recommendations for starting new habits into her life.

Zach Braiker shared Brain Pickings, a guide that highlights fresh artists and authors and is packed with content for anyone looking to learn something new everyday.

See more details at

And if you’re looking for a laugh, Purnima Thakre recommended the Getty Museum challenge which is challenging people to recreate their favorite artwork out of everyday objects.

Picture by @artbyalaarcher

An Invitation

Want to join our warm community of curious minds and conversations? Do you want to share what has inspired you during these times? Reach out if you’re interested in attending, and we’ll let you know if a spot opens up.

Cover photo by “My Life Through A Lens”

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