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Your Customer Will Drive You to Success

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Customer-Driven Insights

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If you or your business wants to tell better stories, learning to listen to customers' stories is where you start.

At refine+focus, it’s what we do every day. Last month we interviewed, surveyed, and examined the data and social media sentiments of thousands of customers, clients, and audience members.

We seek to understand their daily lives and motivations, not just why the buy and why the pay attention.

Staying this close to people helps us create strategies that resonate. In the last month we’ve partnered with an emerging media company, a sleep industry brand, and a leader in direct-to-consumer genomics to do just that.

In our recent work, the customer interview itself was the most helpful insight tool. It reveals who someone is, what influences them, and where we should inquire further. Here’s a few lessons we’ve learned from our experience:

  • Seek stories, not just answers to questions. Stories offer more context and lead to unexpected insights.

  • Welcome digressions. Insights live in the curves of conversation.

  • If you want to know where your product fits into customers' lives, start with their lives not with your product.

  • Great interviews produce exceptional insight. They are a result of preparation, curiosity, fostering safe space and authentic connection with your customer.

Interested in customer and insight driven strategies? We’d love to hear from you.

Community Highlights

We have 100+ community members who are passionate about innovation, problem solving, storytelling, digital worlds, and helping one another succeed. We meet regularly on Slack, Zoom, and social media to share insights that matter to us. Our recent speakers included: Andrew Slack, Senior Advisor at Avaaz Maika Isogawa, the CEO and co-founder of Webacy Stefanie Smith, SVP of Marketing at MetaVRse

Recently, a few community members met in person in New York during our trip to NFT-NYC, the industry’s most influential Web 3 conference. We enjoyed meeting with creators and investors building new experiences with new tech.

Now you’re caught up with us. What’s going on with you? Email us and tell us.

Some bonus fun from NYC!

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