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  • Purnima Thakre

A Focus On Sunshine

Ready for some sunshine? If you’re like us, you’re eager to hear good news. And believe it or not, there’s plenty if you know where to look. In this blog post, we’ve searched for you; so sit back, relax, and enjoy.


For those of you working from home, we’ve assembled these 9 great resources to bring joy to your day. Check them out, and let us know which you enjoyed most:

  1. 400+ Ivy League online courses for free — Which will you take this week?

  2. Visit 10 of the best virtual art galleries

  3. Discover 35+ ways to make friends with ZOOM

  4. Play Super Mario Bros for free

  5. Watch the best TV commercial of all-time (guess which if you think you know…)

  6. Make someone you love smile with a curated Spotify or Netflix playlist

  7. Teachers have selected resources they and their students need. Help them if you can! 

  8. Thousands walked past this world-class musician without noticing. Would you? 

  9. Workout at home in a Bollywood rockstar style

Mario is just one click away – no console needed


At refine+focus, we’re proud of our team. Purnima, Carolina and Katie celebrated the one-year anniversary of our Empowered Women Series. Go see the incredible career experiences and stories of inspiring women leaders they’ve shared the over last year.



Check out this list of corporations doing good during the pandemic. It’ll inspire you!

Initiative created by Scott Monty:


Workwise, we’ve started a few exciting engagements: these involve developing personas and Customer Experience (CX) marketing strategy, designing a strong value proposition, and building a go-to-market plan.

Altogether, they represent our shift toward even more customer-centric approach. We’re now eager to use this experience to help organizations better serve their customers in this time of need.

Don’t be a stranger! Drop us a note and tell us how you’re doing. We’re here, and we care.

Cover photo by Daoudi Aissa

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