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Branding that Connects: How to Earn Attention in Times of Crisis

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

As consumers adjust to a new normal, some brands are excelling at capturing consumers’ attention through their thoughtful and responsive marketing strategies. The source of this success is the deep relationships that the brands are forging with their customers. 

refine+focus has compiled best practices for branding that fosters these connections, plus examples of brands doing it right.

Remain authentic by returning to your purpose. Mattel is rolling out new #ThankYouHeroes Fisher-Price special edition action figures as part of their mission to provide children with toys that they’ll love, reflect inclusive heroism, and salute the heroes of COVID.

Click to learn more, via USA Today and Mattel

Highlight how your brand can help. A moving company, college hunks, is responding to the rise of domestic violence by offering free moving services to victims of domestic violence.

Thank your customers for their business. This restaurant is writing handwritten, heartfelt thank you notes to their takeout customers.

Click to see more notes, via Manchester Evening News and Sweet Mandarin

Use your social media platform to meet emerging needs. Google’s Twitter feed is dedicated to providing resources to support families, teachers, and students during quarantine. Steak-umm is providing up to date news on the COVID pandemic. Better yet, their efforts are paying off by bringing in new customers. Check out the love their brand is receiving on Twitter.

Click to see more details, via Steak-umm on Twitter

Tone is everything. Keep a positive, helpful tone that is uplifting instead of dismissive. Target’s Twitter content has been inspirational and helpful while staying on brand and being responsive to the pandemic.

Click to learn more, via Target on Twitter

Forge inter-sector relationships. US Digital Response is composed of technology experts from the private sector partnering with the public sector to provide innovative solutions to the problems facing the public sector during COVID.

Click to discover more projects, via U.S. Digital Response

Develop strategic partnerships. There are also new partnerships within the private sector. For instance, Apple and Google are developing a new contact tracking system to help their customers stay healthy and safe.

Click to learn more, via TechCrunch

By mobilizing branding strategies that put relationships first, plus doing meaningful work that supports consumers’ needs, your brand can shift to successfully earn consumers’ attention.

P.S. Not sure where to start? refine+focus is offering a free personalized session with specific recommendations for how your brand can capture consumers’ attention in the wake of COVID-19. Send us a note to and tell us more about your business.

Cover photo by Chase Clark

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