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Celebrating Wins of 2022

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

As we approach the end of the year, we’re looking back with gratitude and looking forward with anticipation of the promising year ahead. We often share resources in our newsletter which are actionable and valuable and seldom celebrate our important business milestones. This time we’d like to share updates on both.

Celebrating 18 Years of Business Success for Our Clients and for Us.

Know Your Customer. We’re helping companies understand their customers and market trends. This year we’ve worked with iconic health, wellness, and tech brands building customer insight rich strategies that demystify how to position, message, and market products and services.

Solve Complex Strategy Problems. The Kingdom of Jordan and the World Bank selected refine+focus to build a strategy to create demand for their tech sector. After two years of deep collaboration, meeting with global tech leaders and the government, we delivered an actionable go-to-market approach, marketing program, and operational roadmap. Read about the $200MM program here.

Plan & Deliver Growth. We’ve worked with ProPhase Labs (Nasdaq PRPH) for twelve years. Over the past several years, they’ve enjoyed explosive growth. We contributed by developing go-to-market strategies for their market-leading Whole Genome Sequencing subsidiary, and by playing a vital role in the business development, recruiting, and growth strategies for their subsidiaries. In the words of their CEO, “refine+focus is one of the only firms that I trust 100% with our business needs.”

Community driven growth is one of the best ways to grow an organization. Over the course of several years, we worked with the Network of Engaged International Donors, a respected community and network of international philanthropists, to guide vision, mission, branding and growth strategy.

People and Community are at the Heart of Everything We Do.

Serving Our Community. We continue to serve our communities in many ways.

This Diwali Purnima led many corporate dance-DEI workshops. Music and food are two things that connect us to each other. Purnima celebrated both with communities and teams.

As a board member at Global Arts Live, Purnima witnessed a Groundbreaking (in more than one way) Ceremony of 585 Arts, a collaborative project by A collaboration between Biomed Realty, Takeda Blackstone and Global Arts Live that will provide home to diverse and inclusive programming in Cambridge. The project to be completed in 2025 is set to improve the cultural fabric of Cambridge and rest of the Greater Boston.

Purnima won a debate called Hot Takes - Debating Start-up Trends of 2022 at The Boston Startup Week.

Zach helped grow Boston’s ecosystem of entrepreneurs and startups with TiE Scale Up, and lead a fireside chat with the co-founder and super inventor Sushil Bhatia.

Want to understand your customers more, or talk through a complex business growth challenge? We’d love to speak with you. Get in Touch

Learning Continuously Keeps Us Innovative

We gather weekly to share emerging trends and innovations. We hosted guest speakers including a tenured philosophy professor and the CEO of billion+ foundation to explore AI, social good, and human potential.

Here’s a few hot takes of 2022 from our community:

1. WorkLife Harmony. It’s not about compartmentalizing each part of your life, but integrating them all together in a functional and flexible way. See the U.S. Surgeon General’s WorkLife Harmony Framework.

2. Soft Skills. Soft skills are what give you an edge; they’re what make you memorable. A critical reminder that soft skills aren't soft, they are essential skills.

3. Poetic insight. Advice from an 85 year old about how she’d live a better life:

We are actively sharing perspectives on cutting edge topics, and building community with kind & brilliant collaborators.

Want to learn with us? Drop us a line and let’s talk.

Have a great holiday season and fabulous 2023,

Team refine+focus

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