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  • Purnima Thakre

Plan for Your Strategic Plan

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

You show up. Lighting strikes. Suddenly, in one week of brilliance, you and your team complete an amazing strategic plan without any issues. You’re the hero!

We all know this seldom happens. Real life happens. Information is incomplete. People don’t pay attention in meetings. Major conflicts surface. What you thought you were solving for has changed—and you didn’t get the memo.

You can avoid this. You can de-risk your planning process by “Planning The Plan.”

Planning the Plan

Start a month or so before strategic planning begins. Involve the right stakeholders and ask what they need from the strategic plan. Envision what stands in their way. What are the essential conversations you must have to make everyone’s time worthwhile? How much information and insight can you gather before you begin?

The more preplanning you do, the more you ensure your success. That’s why we’ve created a checklist. When you’ve accomplished each item, not only will you de-risk the meeting, but you’ll also create clarity for everyone in attendance. They’ll know what the process expects from them, and you’ll know what they expect of you.

Want proof? Ask two people involved in your strategic planning process about what results the plan should produce for them. Compare.

More likely than not, they’re lacking alignment. That’s when you’ll want this checklist—and that’s why we’re offering a 1-hour live “planning the plan” workshop, at no cost while we refine our offering. Bring up to three of your colleagues, and we’ll provide innovation tools and thought exercises to enhance your planning process. We only have three spots available, so if you’re interested, let us know at

As you’re thinking about strategy, enjoy this great presentation on the Future-Back approach, which is the same kind of thinking we’re employing in our workshop.

Consider the groundwork

Set yourself up for success: plan for the plan. Reach out to us at to apply for one of our limited no-cost sessions and see the power of what we’re doing.

“This workshop has been very helpful for my team to consider the groundwork we need to complete prior to launching the planning process. Ultimately, I learned that we can make the process and the product much more engaging and enduring if we take the time to set the foundation properly. Excellent!”

More on Planning the Plan

Check out our Lunchtime Live session on how to use innovation tools to build your strategic plan. Zach and Purnima have helped their clients from Fortune 100 to Startups plan the plan.

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