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Support in COVID: Companies Offering Free Services

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

As we adjust to a new normal, many companies are stepping up with their solutions to support remote work and small businesses. refine+focus has compiled a list of many of these companies offering their services for free or significantly reduced charge.

For Your Business’s Internal Connectivity Needs

Via Allie on Unsplash

Box For Business, a collaborative work software, is free for 90 days.

Adobe Connect, which provides connectivity solutions for businesses, is offering free 90-day access until July 1.

AtlasVPN is offering 3 months of their VPN services.

MerroDrop is offering 10 GB of free file sharing.

Calendly is offering free Zoom and GoToMeeting integrations until June.

G2 is offering a 90 day free trial to ensure your business is not wasting subscriptions, licenses, or resources.

Zoho is offering a suite of web and mobile apps to boost productivity, now free through July 1.

To Improve Employee Satisfaction and Meet Your Recruiting Needs

Clarity Wave, a platform that gathers insights to boost employee satisfaction and loyalty, is offering 3 months of free access.

Breezy HR, a recruiting software company, is offering at least 60 days free to use their video interview and assessment functionality.

Easy.Jobs, a remote hiring solution, is offering its Startup Jobs package for free for the rest of the year.

For Connecting with Your Customers

Via Petr Macháček

Numa, an all in one answering software that takes calls, texts, and more, is free for the next two months.

Cisco Webex, a video conferencing, online meeting, and webinar platform is expanding their free offerings to include unlimited usage and up to 100 participants.

Vincit is offering small businesses a free custom digitization and ecommerce roadmap.

For Your Wellbeing

Via Jay Castor

Fender Play is offering 3 months of free guitar lessons.

Sanvello, an anxiety, stress, and depression management app is free premium access.

Aura, a mindfulness and meditation app, is offering free access to their Premium version with the code: FINDPEACE2020

Adidas Runtastic is offering free 90-day access with the code RNT-WBDA-XAVD.

RGT Cycling, a virtual cycling platform, is offering its training for free during the crisis.

Dark Noise, an ambient noise app is now free.

Kindle Unlimited is offering a free 30 day trial for unlimited listening and reading.

Three national credit report companies are offering free weekly reports to combat the financial anxiety of this time.

Calm is offering free premium access to their mediation app.

For Your Children

Via Element5 Digital

Audible Stories is offering free audiobooks for kids and teens to keep their minds engaged and active during this time.

UrbanSitter, a network of background checked nannies and babysitters, are offering access to their app to parents for 2 months.

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