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Curiouser and Curiouser: Insights from our Innovation Showcase

We believe that curiosity is an antidote to prevent obsoleteness and stale growth. We believe it so hard that we made curiosity part of our corporate culture, and our daily projects.

Every week we attend events in marketing, science, innovation, creativity, design and investing. We love exploring the subject matter and enjoy sharing with attendees before and after each event. These sessions lead us to discover new relationships, insights, projects and ideas. We know this wouldn’t be possible without Boston’s growing innovation ecosystem, therefore we decided to contribute and the city calendar through a new group initiative.

We launched a new event.  

Earlier this month we launched a space to share and to celebrate the people and ideas we encounter, especially those related to innovation. Using curiosity as a theme, and show&tell as the format, we invited 17 scholars, scientists, investors, professionals and students to join us at an event in our office called: “Curiouser & Curiouser: a casual evening of ideas & innovation.

How it worked.

The ticket fee for each attendee was to bring at least one idea to share with the rest of the group. This idea must matter to them and could be an article, product, initiative, concept, video, website, trend, side project or company.

Each attendee had up to five minutes to share and discuss their idea(s), making for around 90min of innovation-filled conversations. This format was inspired by Thursday’s at Berkman, a group that met at Harvard’s Berkman School to share ideas related to technology and civic life back in the early 2000s.

What we discovered.

If you are curious to know what the attendees shared, we included the highlights of the night below:

1. Zach Braiker – How to save the planet with 5-minute showers

Offices by day, restaurants by night, the new coworking trend.

Digital immortality: the idea that our brain’s can be transferred into computers

Exclusive funding opportunities for startups developing Life OS

2. Larry Yu – Commit to one civic act per day, document and enjoy the impact

3. Joanne Markow – Your next piece of jewellery might come from a 3D printer

Must-read book, if you want to be a better leader

4. Purnima Thakre – Ironically, the best TV show on Netflix is about technology addiction

Your next smartphone should be dumber than ever, for peace’s sake

5. Greg Harris – Remain connected to peers through music, a story of an impromptu, local Steely Dan cover band

6. Gati Dharani – How healthcare is evolving through human factors innovation

7. Mike O’Neill – Meet a local community that generates and consumes its own renewable energy

8. Nupura BhiseThis app helps people go through the opioid addiction recovery process

9. Juan Montezco – Support organization for teens with HIV

10. Tom Dodge – What if there was a meetup for videographers + vote for ideas to produce?

11. Steele Divitto – The future of medicine lays on real-time analytics:

12. Sadaf Atarod – What if there was a house-sharing app for scientists and by scientists?

13. Christian Magel – How often do you go out for dinner with your neighbors?

14. Amélie Wauters – Bookmark this site, for state-of-the-art innovation and nanotechnology news

15. Albin Anthony – A must-read innovation blog by Tim Urban

16. Alyssa Nugent – Never again run out of battery, neither style with this smart bag

Ford makes it easier for your baby to have sweet dreams

17. Eduardo Pujol – Don’t carry your carry-on, ride it instead.

An Invitation to Join Us.

Which of these ideas sound more exciting to you? Which of these had you never heard before? We are honored that so many people shared ideas that matter to them, and that through sharing, we’ve developed a trusted community eager to support and collaborate with one another’s initiatives and interests.

That night 17 people walked into our meeting room with at least one idea in their minds. A few hours later, the same 17 people left the room with 20+ new ideas each. If you’re a curious person and interested in attending our future Curiouser and Curiouser events, please send us a message at

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