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  • Purnima Thakre

Curiouser with Google’s Amrit Dhir

Curious people make the best teachers. They ask insightful questions, follow their instincts and solve problems in unexpected & refreshing ways. Notice how their mind works: everything seems possible when you’re around them.

Amrit Dhir, Head of Global Operations at Google for Startups, exemplifies this. He’s a startup pro, gentleman scholar, rockstar, culture builder and truly authentic soul. I’m confident you’ll learn not only from what he has to say, but also from why he says it. You don’t want to miss this interview. Curious?

Jump to the highlights:

1:50 – Get Inside Amrit’s Head

5:05 – Listening & Leadership

9:35 – Curiosity and Strategic Planning  

16:00 – Rapid Fire Q&A

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